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Monique Grace Nazareno

I'm a native English speaker and have been teaching English online and offline to students in Vietnam, Korea, Philippine and other countries since 2009. I specialize in ESL, IELTS and TOEFL tutoring. My previous students ranged from elementary pupils to working adults. Holding a Bachelor's Degree of Science in English major, I am highly computer and Internet literate, especially good at creating visuals to enhance teaching efficiency.


Shiona Rae Jarchow

I have been working as a freelance English tutor from 2010, tutoring students of all ages in English speaking, reading and writing. Born in India and completed my education in the USA, I have a cross-cultural background which enables me to cater to students from different culture with accents. I have good communication skills and can cover all English levels from elementary to university. I'm also helpful in SAT, IELTS and TOFEL prep training.


Emma Florczak

Newly graduated from university, I have more than 1 year's experience teaching teenagers and adults. I am a dynamic and passionate tutor for beginners. I can teach from the basics such as the alphabet, letters, colours, animals into nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs, helping students formulate sentences and hold conversations confidently. The students will learn how to ask and answer questions, and be able to describe in English.


Ailyn Dinzo Limosnero

I'm a degree holder in Education with specialization in English language and have 3 years of teaching experience. I have taught students (including Chinese and Korean) in different levels from primary school to university. I hold a Professional Teacher's License and have attended many English teacher trainings. I'm proficient in oral and written communications and good at drawing/sketching to assist in the teaching process.


Christopher Zerbe

I'm a native English speaker holding a TEFL Certification in the USA. I received my undergraduate education in Trebas Institute, a bilingual college in Canada, and am fluent in French. I will work at any desired pace or learning level with students who wish to learn with a qualified native speaking English tutor.

我是英语母语人士,持有美国对外英语教学(TEFL)教师资格证。我大学就读于加拿大的双语学院Trebas Institute,除英语外,我还说得一口流利的法语。无论任何英语级别,只要有学生需要专业母语外教的辅导,我都可以胜任,并且根据学生的寻求调整上课进度。